that work for IoT

API-based eSIM as a service, offering truly eSIM as a service and a unified global eSIM network with flexible options of MNO and MVNOs.

Critical Challenges in Massive Cellular IoT


Limited control on pricing, coverage and QoS bound to one MNO or MVNO

bound to single MNO / MVNO contract, tedious process of SIM procurement for global IoT business, with inefficiency / incapability of SIM card swapping and MNO switching.


Inefficiency / incapability of SIM swapping and MNO switching

Limited control on pricing with fixed contract with one single MNO / MVNO contract, not applicable as business grows rapidly.


M2M eUICC not proven and not commercial ready to scale

Massive IoT deployment with a unified eSIM network is desirable while M2M eUICC is not proven and not commercial ready to scale at the moment.

Market Leading eSIM Enablement, Tailored consumer eSIM infrastructure for IoT

API-first, eSIM as a service for future-proof IoT connectivity

On a mission to make IoT connectivity into utility like water and electricity, We’ve developed API-based eSIM solution for IoT, making cellular IoT connectivity programmable and reprogrammable with one eSIM SKU across the industrial chain for global deployment,  with flexible and dynamic switching of global MNOs and MVNOs anywhere anytime in the world on the move, acting as a sustainable CSP partner when scaling up your IoT business. 

SIM.Express Deliverables

GSMA compliant eUICC + Portable SDK + developer-friendly API + bootstrap connectivity

= instant and efficient connectivity enablement for IoT.

Flexible control over global network via eSIM API

API-based eSIM as a service, to dynamically select operators based on device location, to manage devices deployed worldwide with more control over QoS of network and flexible pricing model with self-service access to global MNOs and MVNOs, all within a complete set of eSIM APIs, making cellular connectivity programmable & reprogrammable, in accordance with GSMA accredited RSP ( remote SIM provisioning ).

Quick onboarding with IPA SDK into IoT firmware

To onboard your IoT devices efficiently with extremly portable IPA (local profile assistant) provided in the format fo SDK integrated in IoT firmware, ensuring fast integration with all eSIM players concerning the terminal side, be it manufacturers or SIM provisioning vendors, for a more open system supporting Linux, RTOS and Android, enabling easy integration for a wide range of device form factors.

GSMA compliant eUICC in accordance with RSP

GSMA compliant eUICC chip for secure hosting and switching of different profiles of choice, trust a eSIM partner taking security seriously with highly secure data center and cybersecurity system updated to the latest and each line of code with security control over the whole eSIM provisioning process.

Seamless and Borderless Connectivity

To connect your device the moment device is switched on with pre-loaded profile, especially for device arriving at the destination unknown previously. Spotty coverage with traditional IoT SIM bound to one MNO or MVNO might cause network shutdown in 20%-25% areas, sustainable connectivity is ensured with pre-installed global profiles in case of signal loss after the deployment.

eSIM API that truly works for IoT
Tailored consumer eSIM Infrastructure that works for massive IoT deployment

There is a growing demand for eSIM on consumer devices, research says that over 3billion of consumer eSIM devices to be shipped by 2025. Giant companies like Apple、, Google, Sumsang, Microsoft  are equipping almost all their latest devices including phones, watches, PCs with eSIM, and we envision the same for other consumer devices including drones, tablets, VR glasses etc.

As the official eSIM provider for Apple iphone and iPad around the world, with 10+ consumer OEM brands shipped globally with our eSIM capability, we’ve gained the end to end consumer eSIM experience connecting to over 300million device connections.

Two separate specifications applied in consumer and IoT eSIM provisioning architecture in traditional consumer eSIM and M2M eSIM, embraced and advocated by the latest GSMA specification(SGP.31), applying consumer SM-DP+ for M2M for massive IoT deployment, uniting two systems in one, is the future-proof technology evolvement and will become the trend in terms of device onboarding efficiency, TCO and digital  transformation.

Traditional digital onboarding of M2M requires complex architecture as IoT devices are always unintended and  communication with telcos are rather complicated than consumer eSIM provisioning, now it’s enabled by SM-DP+ to simulate the same process as consumer eSIM, to offer fast go-to-market for digital onboarding IoT devices.

To enable both consumer and IoT eSIM in one SM-DP+ system, eliminating the deployment for both M2M eSIM components (including SM-DP and SM-SR) and consumer eSIM architecture, bringing down the cost of digital onboarding for telcos, eSIM service providers or devices OEMs looking into proprietary SD-DP+.

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