Trust a dedicated eSIM expert

For unlocking the potential of eSIM benefits, operators or enterprises can trust a dedicated eSIM vendor for hassle-free, secure provisioning of eSIM network, off the hands to a complete eSIM provider with eSIM expertise utilized in over 300Million connected devices provisioning across various vertical industries. solution
Challenges that face enterprises or Operators


Operators looking into eSIM opportunities

Consumer OEMs like Apple, Google and Microsoft are all equipping eSIM with latest devices, we envision more eSIM devices to be shipped soon by 2025, operators need dedicated vendor to secure the opportunity and new users


Fragmented IoT connectivity demands

Enterprises need reliable and dynamic network with upgraded needs like wide coverage, high availability of network, to ensure always online connectivity, to scale your IoT deployment.


Ownership of Network Infrastructure

Network connectivity is not stable and not within control, loss of connectivity cause huge losses. Flexible business model is in need in case of network change or IoT business growth.

Values that we Deliver


A Dedicated eSIM & RSP Expert

Dealing with a dedicated eSIM vendor with full stack of eSIM technology, with proven track records for provisioning for global MNOs and MNVOs as well as IoT enterprises, off your hands to a complete eSIM provider certified by the GSMA.


Private eSIM Network with Solid Security

Working with eSIM RSP partners of over 10 tier 1 operator clients, proprietary eSIM network provisioning to meet the customized demands, efficient on boarding of eSIM devices in a secure and scalable way.


On-premise Deployment for Network Ownership

To maintain the eSIM network infrastructure on your own isolated environment, and to meet local regulation and compliance, we deliver eSIM as a service with full control over network infrastructure with flexibility in terms of CSPs or MNOs.

Private eSIM Network For Industrial IoT Enterprises and Operators
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Smart Payment Solution

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Operator eSIM Platform


Smart Grid

Smart Energy

Off your hands to Dedicated eSIM Expert for Proprietary Network Infrastructure

API-first eSIM as a service is now realized for massive IoT rollouts, taking control of your privately-owned eSIM network with flexible option of global network and quick integration with different third-party IoT solution providers.

No one knows networking like they do

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